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6 Week WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE -North America's Best weight loss system in Calgary with over 20 locations & classes. Large prize pool!1 in 4 chance to win -Six week clinically designed Course developed by UCLA medical advisory board ($149 value)-How to Maximize your metabolism with 12 proven modules, body analysis, and 30 minute Wellness Evaluation($49 value)-Includes Nutritional Accelerator Pack to cut cravings, boost energy while jump starting your Metabolism($79 value )-12 twice weekly personal coaching sessions to provide on going motivational boost($99 value).-Each week receive module handouts that teach you a new set of fundamentals that lead to maximum body fat loss while getting a lean toned figure for Spring Confidential weigh in, analysis and results tracker. Typical participants results average 8-24lbs in just 6 weeks!
TOTAL VALUE over $449.00!!

Contact us for new summer schedule, coupon validation & camp details 587-438-5198 or email [email protected]

Classes are now forming! Check our upcoming challenges to learn more and register online.
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Christine McEvoy

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"I'm so excited to be helping others reach their wellness goals! Contact me for more information or to get started reaching your goals."
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Erin C has lost over 120 lbs and still dropping! She is down down from a top weight of 300 lbs. As a result of using our Ultimate nutrition program and one on one Personal Wellness coaching she is down to size 8!
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This opportunity is RED HOT! We're looking to train others to help run WLC's across the country. Learn More.