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Hi I’m John Hullah, Thanks for dropping by my site.
I am so excited about Herbalife and the Community Weight Loss Challenge!
Herbalife have been helping people lose weight all over the world for over 30 year (currently in 75 countries and still expanding). We have 1,000’s of new people joining a Challenge each month, this thing is exploding! That is why I have this great website to help share the Challenge with others.
The Challenge is about people like us transforming our bodies over the next 90 days. Whether we have a certain weight we'd love to reach, want to live a more active lifestyle, or are more fitness focused, Herbalife via its Community Weight Loss Challenge is challenging us to set a personal goal and make our health a priority for at least 90 days! We all have something that could use a little improvement, don't we? For a little extra motivation, the biggest losers can win cash prizes.
I love it because it's SIMPLE! All you have to do is set a 90 day goal, use 1 of Herbalife’s Personalised Programs, and let the products do the rest! Because each program is centred on Cellular Nutrition & Herbalife’s Formula 1 meal replacement shake, we won't be adding any additional cost to our budgets. All we're doing is taking the money we're currently spending on Take-Away, Ready Meals and the foods that are making us fat, reducing our grocery bills and putting it toward a simpler, faster, and much healthier option!
The success stories I have heard so far are amazing!
Most people who start the Community Weight Loss Challenge end up sharing it with others—kind of like I am doing right now! :
Saving money on your food bills is already a great deal for all, but it gets even better, I have a program called Refer 4 get your next month Free! Simply refer 4 others to the same or greater Herbalife program as you, and you’ll get your next program for free! Maintain 4, and your program is always FREE! Who do you know right now that may want to lose a few pounds, build some lean muscle, or maybe just focus on their health with you for 90 days? I bet you know more than 4... So you can earn your product for FREE!
For those who really love promoting the Community Weight Loss Challenge and Herbalife’s Nutrition for a Better Life, there’s a career path where people can earn spare time, part time, or full time income from home by simply sharing Herbalife’s Nutrition for a Better Life Products and the Business Opportunity with others. You’d recommend a book; movie or CD why not Herbalife and get paid for helping people.
Let's be real...In this economy, who wouldn't want to save money on food, make a little extra income helping people get health?
The Herbalife Community Weight Loss Challenge has helped thousands of people achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Classes are now forming! Check our upcoming challenges to learn more and register online.
WLC Meeting Locations - Marske by the Sea Area

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"I'm so excited to be helping others reach their wellness goals! Contact me for more information or to get started reaching your goals."
Sheila won $140 and lost 30 pounds!

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My whole life has changed. I just cant believe it. I was so over weight I couldnt do any sport and my energy was very low. Now I feel the best I have in 20 years!
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