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Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge

Find your local Herbalife WLC! Are you ready to lose some weight, learn how to keep it off FOR GOOD, and have FUN at the same time?

Find a local WLC, enroll online, and then chart your progress online with our free tools and reports! We're looking for a small group of dedicated individuals in the San Francisco area who are ready to change their life!

Classes are now forming! Check our list of upcoming challenges to learn more and register online.

Find Your Local WLC!
Classes now forming

Attention Herbalife Distributors - List your Challenge, promote your challenge online!

LoseBig.Net - Local WLC Promotion Site
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Are you a WLC coach? Looking for a a customizable website to promote your next WLC? LoseBig was designed with YOU in mind. Simplify challenge enrollment, management, and reporting with our interactive website. Best of all, this website is completely FREE with your HNN membership.

Watch this short overview video to see exactly how LoseBig can help you run your best WLC ever!

What is a Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge? The Herbalife WLC is a 12 week (or shorter) local class where your participants learn how to lose weight, and keep it off for good! Your local Herbalife distributor can help you get started on the path to lifelong wellness!

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Herbalife Local Leads

Do you ever wish that you had more local leads for your Herbalife business? Of course you do! That's why we've created a free training video to help you generate more local Herbalife leads for your business. This special "members-only" training was designed to help you maximize your local business exposure.

LoseBig Overview Video for Herbalife Distributors

This introduction video was designed to help new distributors see what LoseBig can do for them. Check it out... comments are welcome!

WLC Facebook Page - Now Available!

The webmasters of LoseBig are proud to announce we've relaunched our Facebook page for Herbalife WLC Coaches! This is a great place for distributors to connect with each other online, and share ideas and ask questions of other WLC coaches!

"Internationalization" Complete!

LoseBig is now ready for use by distributors all over the world! What languages and countries would you like us to be available in?

LoseBig Herbalife WLC Facebook Application

The new LoseBig Facebook Application allows your participants to get information about their challenge directly through their Facebook account. Now available!

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LoseBig can help you simplify your next WLC! This service has been designed from the ground up to assist WLC Coaches like you promote and manage their challenges more effectively. Learn how you can get your FREE* WLC website today!